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Vegetarian Selections

Our Vegetarian are Made with Soy Protein or Wheat Gluten and Our Dishes Are for Prepared Only Pure Vegetable or No Cholesterol.

V1. Vegetarian Sesame Chicken $14.75
V2. Vegetarian Moo Goo Gai Pan $14.75
V3. Vegetarian General Tso's Chicken Spicy $14.75
V4. Moo Shu Vegetarian Chicken $14.75
V5. Vegetarian Chicken w. Mixed Vegs $14.75
V6. Vegetarian Chicken w. Broccoli $14.75
V7. Vegetarian Chicken w. Eggplant In Garlic Sauce Spicy $14.75
V8. Vegetarian Curry Chicken Spicy $14.75
V9. Vegetarian Orange Flavor Chicken Spicy $14.75
V10. Vegetarian Kung Po Chicken Spicy $14.75
V11. Vegetarian Chicken Szechuan Style Spicy $14.75
V12. Orange Bean Curd Spicy $12.90
V13. Soft Bean Curd w. Eggplant in Garlic Sauce Spicy $12.95
V14. Vegetarian Chicken w. Asparagus $15.85
V15. Sauteed Asparagus $11.95