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with Rice and White Meat

76. Hunan Chicken spicy (S)$8.45 (L)$11.25
77. Moo Goo Gai Pan (S)$8.45 (L)$11.25
78. Kung Po Chicken spicy (S)$8.45 (L)$11.25
79. Chicken Snow Peas (S)$8.45 (L)$11.25
80. Chicken w. Cashew Nuts (S)$8.45 (L)$11.25
81. Szechuan Chicken spicy (S)$8.45 (L)$11.25
82. Chicken w. Garlic Sauce spicy (S)$8.45 (L)$11.25
83. Chicken with Chinese Vegetables (S)$8.45 (L)$11.25
84. Chicken with Black Bean Sauce (S)$8.45 (L)$11.25
85. Curry Chicken spicy (S)$8.45 (L)$11.25
86. Chicken with Broccoli (S)$8.45 (L)$11.25
87. Chicken with String Beans (S)$8.45 (L)$11.25
88. Chicken with Bean Sprouts (S)$8.45 (L)$11.25
88a. Hot Spicy Chicken spicy (S)$8.45 (L)$11.25
88b. Asparagus Chicken $12.25